Lectures and Publications

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Ist die «Marke alles - und die Leistung nichts?»
(Does the brand mean everything - and the performance nothing?)
Peter G. C. Lux, 2008, Presentation at Lilienberg Unternehmerforum, Switzerland

Brauchen KMU Marken? (Do small and medium-sized companies need brands?)
Peter G. C. Lux, 2007
Presentation at the 4th Zurich SME Conference for Trade, Service and Industry, ZHW School of Management

Marke: Unterschiede finden und nutzen
(Brands: Find and use their distinctions)
Peter G. C. Lux, 2007
Presentation at the internal event “Marke ETH – Von 
der renommierten Hochschule zum Leading
 Brand?” (The ETH brand – from renowned university to leading brand?)

Marke: Menschen statt Logo
(Brand: people instead of logos)
Norbert Staub, 2007
Article of the event  «Marke ETH...» in ETH Life,  2007

Marlboro im Schrank, (Marlboro in the Closet)
Peter G. C. Lux, 2003
Article published in “FAKT&FIKTION, Wissenschaft und Welterzählung: die narrative Ordnung der Dinge”; Chronos Verlag, Zürich


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