Peter G. C. Lux

Brand Coach on strategic brand management for companies, brand directors and marketing professionals.Graphic design and communications studies. Long term training as a systemic consultant and NLP master. Lecturer on corporate culture at the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland). Many years as a lecturer at SAWI (Swiss Marketing and Advertising Institute) and HGKZ (Zurich Institute of Design and Art). Publications in journals and books.
Membership of GfM, G.E.M. and ASCO

“Today, if all you do is optimise your marketing, you will reduce the opportunity cost – but hardly increase the Return on Brand.” 

I find it fascinating to work with experienced company managers and brand directors to develop perspectives for new brands that guarantee long term growth for the company. Or to discover potential for established brands, so that they remain successful, in spite of changes in society, the market and customer needs.

Before I founded LUX TEAM, I was Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of the corporate identity agency Zintzmeyer & Lux in Zurich (today: Interbrand), founded the company together with Jörg Zintzmeyer in 1978 and developed it into a highly respected CI agency.

In so doing, I was able to draw on the extensive experience I had gained, working over many years with international companies as account manager of two London agencies: Henrion Design Ass. and Wolff Olins Ltd. However, I think the determining factors for the success of Zintzmeyer & Lux were my new ideas for the Corporate Identity Programme. They developed into the agency USP and characterised Zintzmeyer & Lux as the prototypical European continental CI agency.