Effectiveness of Brand Activities

«Pilots fly with more than one or two instruments.» (Robert Kaplan)

Every investment represents a risk. Your annual investment in the performance and customer bonding of a brand is no exception.
With this in mind, our Brand Monitoring offers you a safeguard: it establishes a realistic Brand Insight in your company.

Our monitoring covers all the hard data in the brand value creation chain; the Brand Transfer System, with its variety of channels offline, online or mobile; and data from the market. In addition it includes soft research data from colleagues (keyword: Internal Branding) and customers, from the influence groups and from wider stakeholder groups (Brand Stakeholder System).

All the monitoring processes are built on a five-step procedure: define – measure – analyse – revise – review. The information is correlated with benchmark data (KPIs) and illustrated in overview charts. One of the most important results is, of course, the Return on Brand Investment!

“News is a river, not a lake.” (Doc Searls) The online activities of brands today, particularly with their extremely fast reaction times and unforeseeable viral effects, require continual observation. And – if necessary – quick decisions.  Monitoring provides you with a secure basis for this.

Our Brand Monitoring is a modular concept. We adapt it to the needs of your company and can construct it in different ways over time.

Strategic Monitoring of Brand