Stakeholder Research increases the yield from brand investment

«The Internet has leveraged people’s ability to communicate with each other. When customers discuss a brand online there are direct consequences for that brand, but the discussion is outside the brand-owner’s sphere of control. This phenomenon will increase – especially in relation to established brands.»

Brands, understood as dynamic networks of connotations (Brand Insight), remain in demand when their stakeholder groups are able to exchange opinions, speculation and experiences (Brand Management System).

Those responsible for brands should follow these exchanges and be able to use them for the brand. With detailed knowledge about colliding interests and swings in opinion, about changing preferences or new ones, thus improving marketing efficiency and increasing the brand's advantage. All this enhances the security of the investment.

A pre-requisite is the professional application of marketing tools. Just as important is conceptual, qualitative Stakeholder Research, tuned to the Brand Essence and the Brand Objectives.

We support our customers in the design of concepts and in optimising Stakeholder Research:

Brand Stakeholder System